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Oct. 1st, 2010

Downton Abbey lj icons - 10 icons of Downton Abbey

 10 Downton abbey icons, focusing on the Crawleys / the characters 'upstairs'


Icons after the cutCollapse )

Downton Icons


Dec. 7th, 2008

Icons: Devil's Whore (40 lj icons)

I made 40 icons of the first two episodes of the new TV costume drama, "The Devil's Whore" (2008). The focus is on Andrea Riseborough as Angelica Fanshawe and somewhat on Michael Fassbender as Thomas Rainsborough - hope you like them!
No credit necessary, but comments and suggestions are always welcome




40 Icons of The Devil's Whore (2008)Collapse )

Aug. 28th, 2008

Icons: more Elizabeth The Golden Age (30 icons)

Thanks to everyone who commented so kindly on my last batch of icons :) I've made some more, including some Bess/Walter (Abbie Cornish/Clive Owen) icons as requested by uranus_ge

30 "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" lj icons, featuring Cate Blanchett, Abbie Cornish and Clive Owen
No credit necessary but comments are appreciated


Aug. 23rd, 2008

Icons: Elizabeth The Golden Age (10 icons)

I'm still experimenting with photoshop, so the icons aren't very good, but I thought I'd share them. 10 icons of the film Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) featuring Cate Blanchett and Abbie Cornish. No credit necessary, but comments/suggestions would be nice 

/EDIT:I've added borderless versions of the icons as well/ 


Aug. 8th, 2008

Icons: Bathory feat Anna Friel (5 icons)

I've never updated my livejournal, so I thought I'd remedy that today with some lj icons. Here are 5 icons I've made of Anna Friel in her new movie, "Bathory" (2008) which I want to see despite initial negative reviews



Feb. 21st, 2007

Costume Films

Julia Stegner and Eugenia Voldianova in Alexander McQueen ss04, as seen in Vogue (US) January 2004